Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thank You, Rox-Ann!

I received a cute xmas card and some adorable stamps today from my stampin' friend, Rox-Ann. What a nice surprise! You really made my day and I can't wait to ink 'em up!

Chris & I spent the weekend at my folks house, cat sitting. Upon my parents return, Baby Kitty decided she'd check out the overnight bag.

Hahah -- sorry about the cat pics! I realize that I'm becoming a lame old cat lady!


Rox-Ann said...

Glad you got them Kimmy can't wait to see what you create!! Love the kitty!

preci28 said...

My kitty likes to do that to, she jumped in my suitcase the last time.

Have fun with your new stamps!

Jill said...

Too cute! Don't worry about becoming a "Lame old cat lady" its cute!!!