Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Had a great NYE in Waxahachie with chris, bryan, catherine, and my folks. The boys did their annual firework explosions -- thankfully, nobody lost fingers. There were several empty bottles of wine this morning. There was NYE crop @ MMFY -- which I participated in, in spirit, due to all the ... festivities. I did play in one of the challenges today -- sponsored by Linda.

Here's what I made *GASP* it's a LAYOUT with actual a FRAME!

Here's to a WONDERFUL 2009!


Jill said...

Great layout! And I love the top of your blog!!! It is too cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

Rox-Ann said...

Great altered frame Kimmy love the photo of you and Chris!

Sheila said...

Happy new year, Kimmy, love your layout - GASP! lol!