Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Pics!

Santa went ahead and let me open & use my NEW pink OTT Light. It's such AMAZING light to work under -- even in the middle of the night. It'll also help me take great pics with more natural looking light at any time of day.

Santa also brought me the rest of the Cuttlebug folders I've been wanting. I LOOOVe the snowflake one! I'm so glad I got the Cuttlebug -- it gives such a WOW! factor. Thanks Mom..I mean, Santa.

My mom picked up a TON of vintage rick-rack at an estate sale for 25 cents! It was all still new in the package and from the 40s. The original price on each pack was 8 cents -- and now it's like $3/pack.

I also received a *VERY* generous Xmas check from my grandmother -- so looks like I'll probably be purchasing a little something from Zales that I've had my eye on.


Rox-Ann said...

Wow too cool Kimmy I love my cuttlebug too and got a couple of new folders for xmas already and the oval and rectangle nestablilities Love them!! Love the ring it will look good on you!!

preci28 said...

Love those cards you are making, so adorable!

Sheila said...

Great, Kimmy, LOVE those cards you lucky ducky!

Sophia said...

Love that card, and the ring is super cute and you!!!