Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Update!

This is our fluffy kitty, Tinkerbell. She's a mess - LOL - but ohsosweet.

We made friends with a stray cat this weekend that my folks have been seeing around the house. She let me pick her up and was welcoming the petting and attention. We fed her and put out some nice warm blankets on the porch for her and she spent the night curled up on the patio. I think it's funny that strays always find our house..I think they can tell we are animal lovers.

I got to try a new Tim Holtz technique! I had seen him demo this in October and was just recently reminded of it when I was checking out his 12 tags of Christmas on the blog.

You put several drops of alcohol ink in each spot on the artist pallet and let them dry completely. Then you fill your water brush with the alcohol blending solution -- which reactivates the dried alcohol ink and there ya go! I used this technique to add a little color to some adorable snowflake embellies that I purchased this weekend. Check it out below. Someone who reads my blog AND loves the color purple has this card en route to her house.

And we got home from my folks house --- and my car has a COMPLETELY flat tire! GRRRR! Luckily -- my store is on the way to Chris' office -- so I can hitch a ride to work with him :) Thats all for now -- have a great week!


TxScrapAddict said...

Tinkerbell looks very spoiled...lucky kitty! Cats do seem to know where they are safe. I love Tim's techniques!!!

Rox-Ann said...

Love Tinkerbell she is gorgeous!! Your snowflakes look awesome, I have been following Tim's techniques and drooling too he is just awesome!!

Danielle said...

Aww, what a prety kitty! So sweet!
I need to pull out my palette and try that out. Did you find it easy to use the alcohol inks that way?

Sheila said...

Thanks for sharing Tim's techniques - you so rock! Tinkerbell is adorable...LOVE cats (and rats) LOL! Have a great week, Kimmy!